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Cape Maclear

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About us

Josiane and Roger, a French couple fell in love with Cape Maclear years ago. Since then they had a dream, to build a lodge and to retire in this peaceful Malawian fishing village. Today their dream has come true and…

The lodge is located on the lake front, and has picturesque vistas, of the blue waters of Lake Malawi with its untouched islands, and the red rocky hills which surround Chembe Village.


The beach is a hive of activities and there is always something to catch your eye – be it children playing and swimming, women doing their laundry, or passing fishing boats. Take a walk in the village, and visit the curios shops and get to know the Malawian way of life.


Malawians are known throughout Africa as the most friendly and charming people on the continent.


The majority of them practice subsistent farming methods and rely on the lake for fishing as an additional income. Cape Mac Lodge is an important local employer, providing alternative opportunities for people to develop skills in the tourist industry.


All the staff at Cape Mac Lodge originates from the local villages in this area. All of them have trained to become waiters, barmen, watchmen and a host of other important roles.


The Chef takes enormous pride in choosing vegetables, fruit and other produce that has been grown locally. He was trained the French way, and cooks a variety of delicious French style meals, where he adds a touch of his own local recipes, to introduce our guests to traditional meals.


Rooms are looked after by a group of dedicated women who will ensure that you have everything you need to be comfortable and relaxed. Our staff at Cape Mac Lodge plays a central role in looking after our guests during their stay.


Everyone at Cape Mac Lodge takes enormous pride in working at the lodge and mostly looking after our guests during their visits. They will naturally go out of their way to help guests learn as much as possible about their culture and the local environment whilst allowing people to relax and have a peaceful stay. Visit our website for more info


Cape Mac Lodge’s staff and Management, whish you a good stay in Cape Maclear!

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