Option 1

Advertising on our Home Page

Become our Partner Brand by placing your company or organisation Advert on our Home page. Choose the best 3 rotational adverts you have. You will have the adverts running for the whole month @




Option 2

Advertising on Directory Category

Place your Billboard Banner Advert at the TOP of your business Category LOCATION Home Page e.g LOANS, TILES, BANKING, e.t.c. The Banner is a flash banner so you can have 3 banners in rotation. Once you buy the space, you can change the ads as you wish for that whole year. This will be an annual advert placement @


Option 3

Advertising on your Own Business Page

Place Billboard Banner Adverts on your own business page. you can promote your brand by placing as many ads as you can in any size you want on the business page(s) you own.   Once you activate them, there is no recuring subscriptions unless changing and your ads will roll forever. If you dont have the banners, we can help designing thus after subscription. three (3) sliding banners. Payment is once off unless changing @



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