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About Dorvic Hotel

Dorvic Hotel in Blantyre is an architectural wonder that stands out in the hospitality industry. It is strategically located on M1, Zalewa Road in Chirimba, just 3.5 kilometers from the Central Business District (CBD) and 13 kilometers from Chileka International Airport. As the first hotel on the "M1 Zalewa Road" route to the capital city of Malawi, Lilongwe, Dorvic Hotel occupies a prominent position in a pleasant residential area in Chirimba.

The hotel's location offers convenience and accessibility, making it an ideal choice for both tourists and local communities. The proximity of the hotel to two police units ensures a safe and secure environment for guests. Dorvic Hotel is not only a haven for accommodation but also offers a range of amenities that benefit both tourists and the surrounding communities. These amenities include a swimming pool, bars, restaurants, internet access, conference rooms, gym and massage services, as well as a body and hair salon.

Dorvic Hotel warmly welcomes families looking to create memorable moments for their children. The hotel caters to various family events such as birthday parties, kids games, outside catering, and wedding dinners. These services are provided at a reasonable price, tailored to suit the needs of clients.

The hotel features a world-class swimming pool located behind the main building. This impressive pool is of considerable size, suitable for Olympic swimming training or primary competitions. It is open to both the public and hotel residents, offering a refreshing retreat. Adjacent to the pool is a back bar where guests, whether staying at the hotel or visiting for a day, can enjoy drinks and beverages. The pool area provides a fun and safe environment for families, with different depths catering to swimmers of all ages. Trained swimming guides are also available to ensure the safety of children and address any concerns or emergencies.

Dorvic Hotel offers an array of dining options to satisfy guests' palates. The restaurants serve tantalizing dishes, including à la carte, buffet, and banquet menus featuring both local and international cuisine. For intimate gatherings or business meetings, the hotel provides a private executive dining room that can accommodate up to 12 people upon request.

For more information about Dorvic Hotel and its services, guests can visit their website at The website offers additional details about the hotel, its amenities, and allows guests to make reservations or inquire further.

In summary, Dorvic Hotel in Blantyre is an architectural gem that offers a delightful and comfortable stay for its guests. With its convenient location, range of amenities, family-friendly atmosphere, and delectable dining options, the hotel ensures a memorable experience for both local and international visitors.