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FDH Financial Holdings Limited (FDHFHL) is a diversified investments and financial solutions centre with interests in Banking, Discount House Operations, Stockbroking, Investment Management and Advisory Services as well as Forex Bureau operations. FDH prides itself in the quality of its services, which has created a formidable reputation for itself in all its business arms.

FDH Financial Holdings Limited was established in November 2007 as part of the group restructuring to replace First Discount House as the holding company of the group. First Discount House was incorporated in accordance with the Companies Act on 8 March 2000. It obtained its Discount House license under the Banking Act on 20 July 2001, commencing operations on 8 April 2002. On 4 August 2006 Press Corporation was bought out as part of the strategic repositioning that has seen the current structure and expansion of the group.

FDH Financial Holdings currently wholly owns the following subsidiaries:

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