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About us

Standard Bank, previously known as the Commercial Bank of Malawi, was registered as a commercial bank on 15 March 1969. The start-up share capital was K2.5 million and the founder shareholders were the Malawi Development Corporation (20%), Press Holdings Limited (20%) and Banco Pinto Sotto Mayor (60%). The first branch was opened in Limbe on 11 April 1970.

In the increasingly competitive environment in which we operate, managing talent has become a critical factor in maintaining competitive advantage, and is an area where we invest significant resources.
The successful performance achieved by the Bank over the years is testimony to the ability of our people to execute our strategic objectives effectively and consistently. The Standard Bank Group’s Global Leadership Centre (GLC) plays an important role in developing excellence among executive and operational leadership. The GLC offers internationally designed management development programs aligned to global best practice and the Group’s values and strategy. Every year, several managers attend these programmes.

We are a large and diverse business. In order to drive our growth cohesively we have agreed on a number of common guidelines, including our Code of Ethics. Our Code of Ethics provides us with more detail about how our values apply in the workplace, including guidance on their application in specific situations. It is designed to:

Facilitate greater empowerment and faster decision-making at all levels of our business; andEnsure that,

as a significant player in the financial services industry, we adhere to the highest standards of responsible business practice in our interactions with all our stakeholders.

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