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About us

Computer and Networking Solution Was founded by Mr. Chikumbutso Khembo (Chairman) and Mrs E.Khembo (Managing Director) in the year 2002.


Computer and Networking Solution (CONET) believe that knowledge is meant to be shared equally regardless of age and sex. Most Companies in Malawi look for only young  people at a particular institution or company as eligible for ICT training but with us we believe even the elderly can use a computer and we have derived a special teaching resource befitting all ages so much so that if you choose us you will never regret.


Our Technical team is online 24/7 and you will never hear any of us saying you have called me at a wrong time because we believe anything can happen in the world of technology any time, s o be free if you need us and you are registered with us call us even at the mid-night we will live up to your expectation. .

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